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3D Printer Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch

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  1. Customized high-quality connection
  2. Using 22AWG wire and copper wire inside is very thick.
  3. It can be resistant to 2A, 300V voltage.
  4. Insulation is also very wide temperature range, can reach 80 degrees.
  5. Ordinary thin copper wires cannot be compared.




  1. The red wire VCC ( ramps of +)
  2. Connect the black wire GND ( ramps - A)
  3. Green Line connection SIGNAL (ramps's s)
  4. Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system must be configured to at least three mechanical switches.
  5. Easy to install, the more popular models.
  6. Disadvantages: easy to wear and tear of mechanical parts, life is short.
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