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    Google AI(Artificial Intelligence) has created its own secret language. The secret behind this is Neural Machine Translation system. They trained their computers to work like human neural system to mimic the learning process of human brain. It was introduced in September 2016 when the researchers was trying to improve the Google Translation. The aim was to generate translations between different languages or you can say that almost all languages. Google is translating over 140 billion words every day. See Google’s research blog

    For instance the machine had been translating Japanese and Korean into English and can repeat the process without using English as a medium. The researchers taught computers these three languages separately.

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  2. How to Install Raspbian Jessie into Raspberry Pi

    How to Install Raspbian Jessie into Raspberry Pi

    Visit our new tutorial “Raspbian Stretch Headless Setup on Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, Pi 3“ which is easier but it works for Raspbian Stretch and does not work on previous versions of Raspbian such as Raspbian Jessie.

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