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Holykell - Fuel Level Sensor DUT-E 485 (HPT621)

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HPT621 smart capacitance liquid level sensor is the customized sensor meter for precise measuring of the liquid level of automobile,sealed tanker,truck fuels tanks,locomotives tank and oil depots etc.The whole sensor is free of any mobile or elastic part and is featured with  the good impact resistance,convenient installation,high reliability,high precision and stable performance.HPT621support local renew calibrate zero and span by two calibiration wires,it can be only installed on various occasions require precise level measuring of gasoline,diesel,water and hydraulic oil etc,but also be application for measuring of various non-coductive liquids.


  1. Accuracy: <+o.5%F.S
  2. High stability and reliability
  3. Precise linear and temperature compensation.
  4. Support local Zero and SPAN calibiration
  5. Adjustable damp output time
  6. Strong interference resistance
  7. Strong shock resistance
  8. Surge, over-current and polarity resistant design
  9. Applicable for various liquids 
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