Remax Metal Stereo Music Handfree RM 512

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REMAX Full Of Passion, Fashion, Entertainment & Enthusiasm, Young People Are Addicted To REMAX Products, They Are So Charming, Seeks To Show You A Brand With Fashion, Passion, Creativeness & Quality Assurance, Combining Practice With Creativeness & Designing, Pursues Practical Applicability To Satisfy The Consumers. It Connects With All Types Of Media Devices And Smart Phones As Well As Pc.


Key Features:

1) High Purity OFC Oxygen Free Copper Wire

2) Easy Noise Isolation

3) Passive Shielding The External Noise Design Of The Ear Canal (IEMs)

4) Ergonomic Design

5) Fine Texture Mic Shell



Model: RM-512

Length: 1.2m

Headset Type: Ear

Plug: 3.5mm Nickel Plating

Headset Pin: Standard 3.5mm Metal Stereo Plug


Package Includes:

1x Headset

4x Earmuffs

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