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Raspberry Pi 3 Black Heat Sink Kit

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Keep your Raspberry Pi super cool with this Raspberry Pi Heat Sink Kit!

The Raspberry Pi Heat Sink Kit consists of two high quality aluminium heat sinks, each selected to perfectly match the size of the main heat out-put components on your Raspberry Pi board. The kit also includes a length of thermal adhesive tape, to clamp each heatsink down securely and create a perfect heat-tranfer bond.


  • Keep your Raspberry Pi cool without the need for noisy fans.
  • Extend the life of your Raspberry Pi and reduce the risk of hardware failure.
  • Compact, and Able to Fit in Most Raspberry Pi Cases.
  • High quality Thermal Adhesive Tape for Easy Application.
  • Thermal Resistance 25°C/W.
  • Size: 14mm X 14mm X 7.1mm the other one 8.9mm X 8.6mm X 5mm.
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