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Weller: Digital Soldering Station - WE1010NA

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The new Weller® WE 1010 soldering station is the next in our line of dependable and easy-to-use soldering stations. As the most powerful soldering station in its class, the WE1010NA reliably delivers high-quality joints every time. Its low total cost of ownership and wide variety of applications makes it the perfect choice for professionals, hobbyists and beginners alike. The WE1010NA digital soldering station comes equipped with a WEP 70 soldering iron, soldering tip, and safety rest so you can power it up and hop right into your soldering project.

Most powerful in its class

This 70-watt soldering station boasts 40 percent more power than 50-watt models of the same class. The added power allows the WE1010NA to heat up in under 30 seconds so it is ready to use almost instantly. Instead of waiting for your soldering iron to reach the necessary temperature, you can maximize your time to finish jobs more quickly and efficiently. The WE1010NA also offers faster recovery time to power through any project.

Produces high-quality results

The WE1010NA features a temperature lock that ensures stable heat levels are maintained throughout a soldering job. This excellent temperature stability of +/- 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 6 degrees Celsius provides more uniform solder joints and an overall higher quality final product. You can rely on consistent results every time you use the WE1010NA. With password protection, you can secure and maintain your preset temperatures to further ensure quality results. These temperature stability features of the WE1010NA also protect solder tips and components for longer use

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